Education and Training

Since 1976 REACH has designed, facilitated and achieved measure success in delivering effective sensitivity training. We understand and acknowledge the importance of providing a clear strategy to assist organizations, schools and communities in convening a productive environment. 


"Sharing your story is the beginning to wanting to learn another perspective"  Michelle Campbell, Executive Director 

The REACH trainings are designed for anyone committed to learning, engaging, and experiencing another perspective.


  The trainings are evidence based curricula, that incorporate cultural concepts into professional and personal learnings. 

The curriculum is validated and certified by the U.S. Department of Education, and qualifies for professional continue education credit. 


Process & Strategy:

Each training incorporates the organization or industries specific concerns, and then we design a tailored training to achieve those goals.  

Corporations & Organizations 

Training are designed to address systemic and transformational working environments. 


Eduction Sessions 

PreK - Middle - High School 

Early Learning, Life, and Career Skills 

Community Leaders 

Corporations & Community