Over the past 25 years, our work with the REACH (Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage) Center has been educational, thought provoking and life changing. We are honored to bring the REACH Center to Colorado to share impactful programs in education, global initiatives, and community outreach.

REACH Advisors 

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Lauren Schwartz

Director of Investor Relations at the Colorado Chamber

She is an award-winning community relations and nonprofit leader who serves as the Director of Investor Relations for the Colorado Chamber. She works with members to ensure that they are engaged in the Chamber’s work in ways that are meaningful to them by keeping them informed on policy that will affect their business, and by providing members the opportunity to connect with business leaders, lawmakers and key influencers so that the voice of the business community is heard at both the state capitol and the federal level.

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Kartiki Churi 

Psychiatrist at American Well

 Her professional interests are operationalizing access for quality mental health care, digital and innovative medicine, intersection between strategy and culture and, collaboration between systems, healthcare, and business. She is a strong advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in the community and healthcare

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Dr. John Kennedy

Academician & Practitioner

I have devoted my professional talents to constructing racial equity in K-12 public education and developing leaders to become transformational leaders.  He views himself as a viable implementer that understands the geo-political, social, and personal responsibility required to become an effective leader that is committed to Diversity and Inclusion in every facet of an organization.


Laura Brooks

Human Resource Generalist at Zivaro

She is  inspired by human connection and making workplaces better – more equitable and more empathy driven. She has served companies in various industries from entertainment, education, construction to technology leading the charge in people centric policies because we all do our best work when we feel supported and valued by others. She is a social activist, feminist, constant life learner, and mental health advocate. For her, she is constantly inspired by people, their stories, their resilience, and excited to learn what gifts each person brings. When she is not at work, she is a mother, a lover of travel, and working on writing a novel.


Theresa Bailey

Diversity & Equity Manager at UCHealth

Solutions-driven, Innovative, HR Business Partner/Diversity & Inclusion Leader with proven abilities to partner with CDO, diversity champions, executives and their staff to provide strategic direction that helps to achieve organizational goals;

Demonstrated success in implementing human resources strategies and diversity initiatives contributing to employee engagement and business goals; Award-winning diversity professional with a passion for fostering a learning culture; Collaborative team player with all-around HR advisory skills; Extensive knowledge of working practices, conditions of employment, employee relations and diversity issues. 

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Daniel Butler

Attorney at the Denver City Attorney's Office


Mildre & Eduarco Cuenca Rincon

Denver Public School Teacher & Engineer with Flat Iron Contruction

Venezuelan natives , came to Denver Colorado in 

2016, with the hopes of continuing their education. 

Mrs. Rincon pursued her goal while working with Colorado REACH as a Spanish translator and Facilitator. Currently, Ms. Ricon is a Denver Public School teacher, and enjoys sharing her Venezuelan culture, raising her and her husband Eduardo son, and continuing her volunteer work with REACH. 


Mr. Cuenca is an Engineer with Flat iron construction, enjoys hands on construction 

Projects, and utilizing his leadership skills to build the community. 


He and his wife Mildre Ricon live in Aurora Colorado with their son, Evan Zambrano. 


Robert Taylor

Director of Operations & Development at Avtivate Works


Summer Nettles

Television Producer  at City and County of Denver

I am a media professional with experience in print, radio and television mediums. My passions for people, community service and story telling have allowed me to work successfully in various U.S. markets. I have also had the opportunity to work abroad for brief periods of time.

As a conscious observer of communities, and an investigative journalist, I find learning what's important to local folks usually leads to the best stories, most interesting problems and most comprehensive solutions.


Lovie Smith Wright

President of HPMA

President Emeritus of Local 65-699, Houston Texas, where she 
served as president from 2003 – 2020; she is Secretary-Treasurer of the Southern Conference of 
Locals of the AFM, Chair of the AFM Diversity Committee, and Representative for the AFM on 
the AFL-CIO Civil & Human Rights Constituency Group. 



Mauricio Henderson 

Chief Executive Officer of Perseverance

Our culture and values are rooted in Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Perseverance spirit, and taking personal responsibility for our actions, outcomes, and reputation. As a leader in providing workforce solutions, we connect people with employment opportunities and make a difference in the communities in which we live and work.


Michelle Campbell
Executive Director

In 1990, Michelle Campbell leveraged her engineering degree and became the founder of MD Campbell & Associates, LLC., an engineering firm with a focus of engineering systems and operations. In addition, was instrumental in recruiting diverse candidates for available engineering positions. As a woman of color in the engineering space, the call to assist clients with their technical and human resource staffing issues was a unique yet necessary business aspect. Her commitment to support clients to recruit diverse candidates for engineering positions was a critical decision during that time. 


Michelle is the COO at Campbell Litigation, PC, an employment, and labor defense firm located in Denver, Colorado. She provides firm organization operations, human resource, business development and consulting to the firm’s clients. In addition, her background and professional experience leverages employer and employee relations. 


Michelle later founded Diverse Talent, an executive search and placement firm that focuses on the STEM + legal verticals. Our goal is to dispel the myth that a pipeline issue exists with diverse candidates.  Diverse Talent is intentional in their efforts to assist organizations with their diversity initiatives and goals through their recruiting efforts. 


To assist organizations with their diversity and equity training efforts, Michelle brought REACH (Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage) a non-profit since 1976 committed to education/training around equity standards to Colorado.   


Colorado REACH partners with Diverse Talent to ensure diversity initiatives and training goals are achieved. 


Michelle earned her engineering degree from Kansas State University, where she was awarded numerous academic honors. Additionally, she has a master’s degree in counseling, where she vowed to utilize her academic success to provide a platform for others to excel. Michelle is committed to continuing her life passion of community engagement, leadership and providing access and opportunities to those in need. 


Karen Acosta-Corona
Project Manager

As REACH's project manager, Karen ensures the organization's brand and message is being executed accurately through facilitation of trainings, managing REACH's partners, members, and facilitators. In addition to her work with REACH, Karen assists the Diverse Talent team in providing operational support where needed. 

When Karen is not in the office, you can find her ice climbing, hiking, or experiencing downtown Denver in supporting small businesses.