Over the past 25 years, our work with the REACH (Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage) Center has been educational, thought provoking and life changing. We are honored to bring the REACH Center to Colorado to share impactful programs in education, global initiatives, and community outreach.


About Michelle

In 1990, Michelle Campbell leveraged her engineering degree and became the founder of MD Campbell & Associates, LLC., an engineering firm with a focus of engineering systems and operations. In addition, was instrumental in recruiting diverse candidates for available engineering positions. As a woman of color in the engineering space, the call to assist clients with their technical and human resource staffing issues was a unique yet necessary business aspect. Her commitment to support clients to recruit diverse candidates for engineering positions was a critical decision during that time. 


Michelle is the COO at Campbell Litigation, PC, an employment, and labor defense firm located in Denver, Colorado. She provides firm organization operations, human resource, business development and consulting to the firm’s clients. In addition, her background and professional experience leverages employer and employee relations. 


Michelle later founded Diverse Talent, an executive search and placement firm that focuses on the STEM + legal verticals. Our goal is to dispel the myth that a pipeline issue exists with diverse candidates.  Diverse Talent is intentional in their efforts to assist organizations with their diversity initiatives and goals through their recruiting efforts. 


To assist organizations with their diversity and equity training efforts, Michelle brought REACH (Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage) a non-profit since 1976 committed to education/training around equity standards to Colorado.   


Colorado REACH partners with Diverse Talent to ensure diversity initiatives and training goals are achieved. 


Michelle earned her engineering degree from Kansas State University, where she was awarded numerous academic honors. Additionally, she has a master’s degree in counseling, where she vowed to utilize her academic success to provide a platform for others to excel. Michelle is committed to continuing her life passion of community engagement, leadership and providing access and opportunities to those in need. 

Michelle Campbell
Executive Director

Nikki Wilkins
Project Manager

About Nikki

Nikki originally came to us as a REACH volunteer in 2019, with a desire to learn and become more involved in the REACH DEI mission.  She has an extensive background in Property Management  and  Business  Development.  

Nikki has a passion for the arts with a serious affinity for all kinds of music from various genres.  She also likes to travel and go bicycle riding in her spare time.

" Working for REACH has been such a joy and very enlightening experience!"